The LinkedIn Analyzer

A free analysis of your LinkedIn efforts

Insights into your connections, messages & sentiment on LinkedIn.


Get insights about how actively you have been making connections, and whether you’ve been connecting with the right people in the right organizations.


Analyze to assess the words you use in your messages, the length of your conversations, and much more.


Use our Sentiment Analyzer to assess the positivity in your messages and emails. Try out different texts to get an in-depth analysis.

Legal Note: We DO NOT store / collect / visualize ANY of your data, information or visuals whatsoever. (The analysis runs completely on your local systems.)

In today’s changing and digitized business world, plenty of us rely on LinkedIn to grow our network, and stay connected with the industry. Although, do you know whether your efforts on LinkedIn are channelized towards the right areas? Unsure? Don’t worry!

We have built an analyzer that gives you preliminary insights about your LinkedIn connections and messages. An easy-to-use and one-click solution to get a quick analysis of the efforts you make to grow your network. Thankfully, LinkedIn lets you download your own data in just one step, taking 2 minutes. Before proceeding, get access to your own LinkedIn data. Here’s how you do it:

Go to the circle icon of your Profile — > Settings –> Data Privacy –> Get a Copy of Data

Select “Want something in particular” –> Tick box “Connections” and “Messages”, and click on “Request data”. Your data should be available to download at the same page in 10 minutes. Yes, it’s that simple. Find an illustration below:

Once you have your files saved, click below to use our app, and get a free analysis of your LinkedIn network. The tool currently works only for the English language, although we are working on adding a capability for other languages. You can choose to analyze only your messages or connections, if you want. As mentioned before, We DO NOT store / collect / visualize ANY of your data, information or visuals whatsoever. The analysis runs completely on your local systems, and generates a report for you. However, the report cannot be downloaded/saved or stored. Click below and get going. Let’s Analyze!

A project by Vaibhav Agarwal, FRM and Mayank Goyal (The Actuarial Club).

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