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The LinkedIn Analyzer

In today’s changing and digitized business world, plenty of us rely on LinkedIn to grow our network, and stay connected with the industry. Although, do you know whether your efforts on LinkedIn are channelized towards the right areas? Unsure? Don’t worry!

We have built an analyzer that gives you preliminary insights about your LinkedIn connections and messages. An easy-to-use and one-click solution to get a quick analysis of the efforts you make to grow your network.

A Project by Vaibhav Agarwal, FRM and Mayank Goyal (The Actuarial Club).

Titanic: Who do you think Survived?

We attempt to analyze the classic Machine Learning Problem – Survival Prediction on the Titanic, in a simpler way, for anyone who is getting introduced to analytics. Prior knowledge of python isn’t necessary, although it may be beneficial.

The dataset is available on public domains, for anyone to try their hands on.

Let’s see how the numbers work out – Let’s Analyze! Click below to download.

Bridging the gap: Actuarial Analytics & Risk Consulting ]

– An interview with The Actuarial Club

An insightful conversation with The Actuarial Club (, talking about usage of actuarial skills in the Risk Consulting Industry. The Actuarial Club is the officially affiliated Regional Community of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) in India.

The range of questions was very comprehensive, and so was the conversation. A good 5 minute read for anyone looking at combination of skillsets like Actuarial Science and FRM.

Where tech can be applied in Actuarial

– An article with The Actuarial Club

The actuarial profession is evolving as we speak, not only in terms of business volumes but also in terms of product innovations. In actuarial terms, the exponential rise in the diversity and complexity of actuarial services is an “undemanding assumption”. Hence, there is a requirement to implement the best possible coding solutions to your actuarial problems. Here, we talk about Data collection & Cleaning, running stochastic simulations, modelling and using the outcomes.

An Introduction to the blog

I’m Vaibhav Agarwal, a professional in the consulting industry with close to 2.5 years of experience. Alongside being a near-qualified actuary, I’m a certified FRM, and have had the opportunity to explore diverse kinds of projects in my limited months of experience.

I’ve always believed in drawing information from data, and gaining knowledge from numbers. This blog is a platform to help students and professionals access and explore the pet projects that I usually take on over the weekends, to expand the analytical skill-set. I aspire to actively engage with actuarial aspirants to provide any insights possible, as much as what we fortunately received from the industry professionals during the early days in the profession.

If you’re willing to contribute to new projects/ new ideas , or have a project that you want to showcase on the platform, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d be more than delighted to work with a team on an interesting project over the weekends.

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