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The LinkedIn Analyzer

In today’s changing and digitized business world, plenty of us rely on LinkedIn to grow our network, and stay connected with the industry. Although, do you know whether your efforts on LinkedIn are channelized towards the right areas? Unsure? Don’t worry!

We have built an analyzer that gives you preliminary insights about your LinkedIn connections and messages. An easy-to-use and one-click solution to get a quick analysis of the efforts you make to grow your network.

A Project by Vaibhav Agarwal, FRM & Mayank Goyal (The Actuarial Club).

Titanic : Who do you think survived?

We attempt to analyze the classic Machine Learning Problem – Survival Prediction on the Titanic, in a simpler way, for anyone who is getting introduced to analytics.

The dataset is available on public domains, for anyone to try their hands on.

Let’s see how the numbers work out – Let’s Analyze! Click below to download.